Rodrigo Rego - board game designer

In this section are games still in development or searching for a publisher. If you are a publisher and want to play them, send an email to so we can book a play session.


Build crazy-shaped skyscrapers, but without leaving efficiency behind: your guests have wishes and helping them go where they want to is the main form of scoring points and thus making your tower the biggest touristic attraction in Dubai.

Duration: 40 minutes
Player count: 2 to 5
Prizes: Finalist at Spielwerk Hamburg, in 2018

  • Dubai - Board Game
  • Dubai - Jogo de tabuleiro

Bungle in the Jungle

A quick and a bit sadistic card game in which you secretly assume the identity of 2 animals, either preys or predators. Predators want to devour as much prey as possible. And prey want to survive and reproduce as much as they can.

In this hectic ecossystem, the player who has the most success with his animals wins.

Duration: 15 minutes
Player count: 2 to 5

  • Bungle in the Jungle - Board Game
  • Bungle in the Jungle - Jogo de tabuleiro