Rodrigo Rego - board game designer

Herdeiros do Khan

Genghis Khan is dying and now the mongols need to choose their next leader. As one of his sons, you need to prove your value wandering through Asia and conquering great ancient cities. Your aim? Offer the loot sacked from the cities to the councelors of the Kurultai and win the most votes to become the future Khan.

But Asia is big, the cities won't fall if you don't reinforce your troops, and your siblings have as much thirst of power as you. Cleverly plan your routes, attack and conquer territories, anticipate your opponents and become the next Great Khan of the Mongol Empire.

Duration: 90 minutes
Player count: 2 to 5
Release date: 2020
Publisher: Ace Studios
More on the game: Ludopedia

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